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Email: eddie@utilitybutlers.com

Electricity ? ID Theft ? TV ? Internet ? Security ? Merchant Services


I wanted to make sure you know about my business partnership with Eddie Hinojoza and The Utility Butlers.
The Utility Butlers do everything possible to ensure you have a smooth transition into your new home.  They handle all ordering and scheduling of utilities including electricity, gas, water, cable, internet, home security/automation and home phone.  They will even provide boxes and make recommendations for housekeeping/handyman/nanny/lawn care or any other service they need if necessary.  This is all done at no cost to you and they have a 24 hour or less turnaround time.  They are paid by the utility providers and the breakdown of some of the companies they are partnered with I are below:
Home Automation and Security
Vivint Smart Home
Electricity and Gas
Various Providers
Sudden Link
Century Link
The best thing about utilizing this service is Every time you pay for any of these services, we will make a donation to Project Feeding Kids which is a charity we started with Feeding America (feedingamerica.org) which will feed a child for that month, and when you pay the bill the next month we feed another child.  Last year we fed 1.5 million kids nationwide and we are hoping to double that this year!

The Utility Butlers can save you time and money while giving you access to the best rates on utilities in your area. We broker services at a wholesale rate so we can also get them cheaper than buying directly. We provide ELECTRICITY, CABLE, INTERNET, HOME, PHONE SECURITY and AUTOMATION, WATER and GAS with all the major brands you're already familiar with! We can also recommend movers, housekeeping, lawn care, handymen & nannies and the best part is our service is complimentary as a thank you for purchasing your home with David Wyrick with Modern Living Real Estate

Please visit us at dwutilities.acnibo.com or contact for a personal experience